Delaware Valley Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club


The DelVAl  Breeders listed below are bound by the Club's Code of Ethics.  Please take the time to read this document.

When you call any Breeder you will receive a warmer reception by introducing yourself by name and not starting the conversation off with "Do you have any puppies."  Instead, say that you are interested in Wheatens and would like to learn more about the breed.  It would be a good idea to ask if this is a good time to talk.  If it isn't, ask when would be a better time.

It is not unusual for Breeders to have homes already lined up before the litter is born.  Due to the number of inquiries Breeders receive, please be politely persistent as they lead busy lives - working, caring for their dogs, supporting their puppy people and going to dog shows.  

With each Breeder you speak to, take the time to learn more about the Breed even if they don't have a puppy for you.  Be sure to ask if they know of anyone else who may have puppies or is planning a breeding.  

Above all, be patient.  To live with a Wheaten requires patience.  Not so different from finding the Wheaten puppy best suited to your home, family and lifestyle.

Manahawkin, NJ

Greentree Wheatens

Beverly & Kevin McDonald


Call between 9 am to 7 pm weekdays

E-mail anytime


Manasquan, NJ

Trinity Wheatens

Shelly & Ray Serafin


Phone calls anytime

E-mail anytime

Morganville, NJ

CharMax Wheatens

Bonnie & Barry Ivler


Phone Calls: Saturday & Sunday only

Initial Contact via E-mail Preferred  

Pottstown, PA

Coventry Wheatens

Erma & Jim Heckman

610 326-7769

Call 8 am - Noon or 5 pm - 9:30 pm

E-mail anytime

Collegeville, PA
Lonestar Wheatens
Wendy & Tom Neill
Call before 2 pm or 
after 7 pm weekdays
E-mail anytime mailto:lonestarwheatens@comcast.net

Crownsville, MD

Frolic Wheatens

Cheryl Turner Fogarty


Call after 7 pm.

E-mail anytime


Kennels with a black outlined box either have a litter on the ground or are expecting one shortly. Recommended means of contact, i.e., e-mail or phone as well as best time to call will increase your chances of communicating with the Breeder.  

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Gainesville, VA

Preakness Wheatens

Diane & Jacob Horst



E-mail anytime

Montclair, NJ

Clover Wheatens

Liz Jamiolkowski


E-mail anytime  

Norwell,, MA

O’Mannion Wheatens

Joanne & Terry Manning


E-mail anytime

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Bayside Wheatens

Ron & Andrea Chesinski


E-mail anytime  

Crownsville, MD

Frolic Wheatens

Cheryl Turner


E-mail anytime

Setauket, Strongs Neck,  NY

Kinsale Wheaten Terriers

Denise Cronin Kerby


Call or E-mail anytime

Newtown, PA

Spinner Wheatens

Kristen and Michael Brown


E-mail anytime

Southborough, MA

Bradberry Wheatens

Deborah Van De Ven


Call or E-mail anytime

New City,  NY
Ballybae Wheatens
Stephanie O’Keefe
Call or E-mail

Tarrytown,  NY

Ballybae Wheatens

Alison Boldyrev


Call or E-mail anytime

Gilbertsville, PA

Cuileann Wheatens

Holly Craig

Best method of contact:

E-mail anytime


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